TechSee & Salesforce FSL for Field Technician Enablement: “The New Age of Human-Centric Service”

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TechSee & Salesforce FSL for Field Technician Enablement: "The New Age of Human-Centric Service

Many field service organizations have found FSL Salesforce to be an extremely valuable technology. Salesforce Field Service Lightning is a powerful, highly customizable, mobile-friendly extension to Service Cloud. It provides organizations with an automated platform enabling them to coordinate field operations. This article presents SF FSL integrations with the addition of TechSee computer vision AI feature to further help their service technicians.

How Does FSL Support FSM?

Here are just a few FSL Salesforce solutions that are set to transform the industry.


Scheduling is a common challenge for many field service organizations. Empowering technicians with the Salesforce field service integration can minimize scheduling issues.

Tracker Bot

It is often hard for field service organizations to keep track of their employees, ensuring their schedules are optimized and they have the support they need in the field. FSM gets even more complicated when service companies outsource parts of their field operations to sub-contractors.

Tracker Bot is a Lightning Messaging-enabled app-less product designed specifically for contractors. With AI capabilities, Tracker enables contractors to interact with their assigned appointments via SMS or other messaging channels. The bot improves quality of service by automatically providing first-level support and assisting sub-contractors in the field. They can use the Salesforce field service management platform to request work, update appointments, add completion notes, and change working hours/ capacity on demand.

Opti-Time Tour

It is not uncommon for a technician to have three appointments in one city in one day and discover too late that two of them were actually in the same neighborhood. This waste of technicians’ time is eliminated with Opti-Time Tour, an app that integrates geographic optimizations for FSL Salesforce users.

Opti-Time Tour uses powerful geo-scheduling algorithms that enable FS organizations to geo-locate customers and accounts with pinpoint accuracy. An interactive map with route optimization allows smart scheduling and ensures all movements on the ground are minimized. By generating a huge volume of data, Opti-Time enables BI analytics that can improve planning and performance.

Knowledge Base

Having a knowledge base for field service problems can be a game changer. These products can make all the difference for technicians who need help on the job.


In the field, time is money. When a technician runs into a problem, any delay in contacting an expert or colleague for help will impact the job and, most likely, customer satisfaction. Fieldy is a digital assistant, powered by Salesforce Einstein, that helps technicians troubleshoot problems while in the field.

Fieldy enables techs to ask questions on Salesforce’s in-house Chatter feed directly from their mobile devices and receive on-demand solutions from an extensive knowledge base. A Salesforce field service technician will avoid wasted time and the need to reschedule appointments.

Aquant Service Intelligence Platform

Everyone knows that data holds the key to better performance. The question is how to derive insights from data that is scattered across different systems, hidden deep within free text or housed in the heads of seasoned employees.

Aquant pulls data from FSM systems, executes Natural Language Processing to convert free text into structured data, and uses AI and machine learning to help companies make data-driven decisions. Aquant provides predictive, actionable service recommendations, making it simple for an organization’s experts to validate those findings.

Its Intelligent Triage product helps Salesforce field service technicians get automated answers to their queries from the organization’s existing data, identifying root causes and delivering the correct solutions quickly.


While many backend field service systems have been partially digitized, the fruits of that labor often fail to reach frontline technicians who may still be using paper-based processes or lack access to online tools. Parsable connects field service personnel with back-office workflows via step-by-step mobile work instructions in Salesforce.

With Parsable, organizations using FSL Salesforce can digitize paper-based processes and create interactive rich-media mobile standard operating procedures to aid the training of new employees. Automated actions can be triggered via intuitive mobile procedures that eliminate extra work for techs and cut down on training time.

AI Computer Vision in Field Service

Field service organizations can train their systems using deep learning by leveraging images collected from any visual interactions, such as:

  • remote visual sessions
  • recordings from the site, and
  • bot interactions.

This enables them to achieve high levels of accuracy in recognizing objects in real-life conditions.

These visual analysis tools deliver cost savings by reducing time on site and machine downtime, streamlining the training of novice technicians.

It also delivers real-time automated guidance and verification powered by Computer Vision AI, allowing technicians to resolve more issues independently.

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With Autonomous Assistance, the field service technician simply connects to the visual support platform and shows the issue using his mobile camera. Using Computer Vision AI, the system recognizes the components of the equipment and identifies the nature of the problem, such as a cable plugged into the wrong port.

It then uses AR to highlight the cable and the correct port, enabling the technician to fix the problem. Finally, the system verifies that the issue has been resolved.

Salesforce FSL & TechSee for Field Service: the Dream Team

At Dreamforce 2019, Salesforce’s annual customer success event, Martha Walchuk, Sr. Director of Product Marketing, highlighted the power of TechSee’s technology in her Dreamforce Service Keynote: ‘The New Age of Human-Centric Service’.

She explained that great customer service is founded on building trust in customer relationships. With ever-increasing support request volume and higher customer expectations, many companies are struggling to deliver quality customer service at scale. Walchuk detailed how TechSee’s Computer Vision-powered solution can empower FSL Salesforce users with real-time visual intelligence.

Digital Adoption for Field Service Enablement

As the field service sector modernizes, enterprises are increasingly adopting tools that boost efficiency in the field, streamline processes for both technicians and remote experts, and improve customer satisfaction. These tools empower tomorrow’s super-technicians, preparing Salesforce FSL users for the challenges that lie ahead.

Andrew Mort, Content Manager

Andrew Mort, Content Manager

Andrew Mort brings extensive experience of writing compelling B2B and B2C copy, including press releases, thought leadership articles and marketing content.


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