World-Class Service Performance

Increase in
First Time Fix Rate



Dispatch Out Rate Improvement


Alto-Shaam improved their exceptionally low warranty claims rates and achieved total customer satisfaction with visual engagement.

Alto-Shaam is a leading commercial foodservice equipment supplier. They are known for their reliability, commitment to customer
satisfaction and world-class warranty performance. Alto-Shaam took this legacy to the next level, implementing TechSee’s visual engagement technology to further improve their customer service.

The Visual Engagement Difference

With TechSee’s visual engagement technology, Alto-Shaam now visually communicates with remote customers and technicians. This allows them to help customers troubleshoot and resolve many issues without dispatching technicians. In so-doing, visual engagement reduces their expenses, carbon footprint, ensures full issue resolution, avoids the need for repeated technician visit and avoids costly warranty dispatches

"TechSee Live is a total game changer! Seeing what our customers see means we can troubleshoot and resolve issues quickly and effectively; reducing costs for customers and technician dispatches, while improving customer experience."

Steve Galewski, Alto Shaam Technical Manager

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